Pre-Launch Node

Shieldeum boasts an extensive network of Whitelabel Partners, each leveraging the robust infrastructure of the Shieldeum Network to offer customized services under their own branding. Prior to the Token launch, we successfully secured approximately 2 million USDT in Total Value Locked, earmarked for the temporary activation and rigorous testing of Shieldeum Nodes. These nodes serve as vital components in the network's ecosystem, facilitating seamless operations and ensuring the reliability of our services.

Upon the launch of the SDM Token, these Pre-Launch nodes will no longer generate profits. Pre Launch Nodes are only able to withdraw from the network. 50% of the Pre-Launch Nodes are Financed by Shieldeum Foundation, to ensure the network will not go down during transition at launch. This strategic approach underscores our commitment to innovation and excellence in providing cutting-edge solutions to our partners and users alike.

After Launch the % of Nodes owned by the Shieldeum Foundation will drastically decrease over time, making the network more and more decentralized.

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